Tiresias projekt

C. Bain and collaborators. Creature-creators at the edge of the world


Debridement (Great Weather For Media, 2015) is C.'s first full-length poetry collection. This exploration of death and the feminine was a finalist for the Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender Variant Literature. Available at Powell's and Amazon.

Buy debridement. Read it, fight with it, love it. Give it to people you care about. You need it. We all do. -- PANK

A stunning stinger of a book. -- BUST Magazine

Bain is a master of crafting devastating lines and images. -- The Pedestal


What you OWE HER

This is my most ambitious current writing project. Most of the material on my Patreon is about process on this project. It is a novel, but if you have been following my work for a while you may remember the origins of this project as the screenplay/theatre piece Uncivil Heart.

This is a piece of queer Civil War-era Americana. It is a story about a white trans man in the Antebellum south who falls in love with a woman who is enslaved by his family. When his family tries to force him into a cis-heterosexual marriage, he runs away, leaving his lover behind. Uncivil Heart follows the woman as she endures this betrayal and its consequences, and follows the boy as he is dragged back to his home, his history, the parts of himself that he cannot escape.

I am intensely grateful for the support this project has already received including the generosity of the Tank and The Kraine and Horse Trade Theater group for giving me an opportunity to have staged readings of parts of this work in process in their queer theater festivals. Special thanks also are due to Sasha Warner-Berry, Lauren Whitehead, Taylor Steele and of course every actor who has gifted me with their energy and talent.