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C. Bain and collaborators. Creature-creators at the edge of the world

June 29, 7pm, Tickets here! Discount with code word heartbreak.

I am thrilled that Horse Trade Theater Group is putting up a staged reading of Uncivil Heart as part of the Queerly Festival!


Uncivil Heart is a piece of queer Civil War-era Americana. It is a story about a white trans man in the Antebellum south who falls in love with a woman who is enslaved by his family. When his family tries to force him into a cis-heterosexual marriage, he runs away, leaving his lover behind. Uncivil Heart follows him as he is dragged back to his home and history.

I am working on this project because i want to locate queer bodies in history, where they have been denied and erased. In fact we have always existed. And we have never been perfect. Queerness does not mean heroism, or impeccability. And it's because of that complication that i know that the legacy of queerness is mine. There are profound american questions about power and intimacy that continue to haunt and destroy us as a culture. I want to tell the story within that framework which is mine to tell.