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Rondeau: a beauty masked

Rondeau is the first new work presented by Sacred Circle Theatre Company, and is my first project that entailed both writing for theatre and acting. I script supervisor/text collaged and wrote this in partnership with Sacred Circle to create a work that reflects, perverts, and illuminates intersections of desire and sexual violence in restoration comedies. I am privileged  to be making work that locates the queer body in history, where heteropatriarchy has tried to erase us. This work premiered at TheaterLab in May 2017.

The Official Copy:

Rondeau (noun)-a piece of Baroque music consisting of a repeated phrase interrupted by other musical themes. Often accompanied by a grand and lively dance where each dancer rotates through a cycle of partners.

In 1660, Charles II was restored to the English throne after a decade of Puritanical rule under the moralizing dictator Oliver Cromwell. The English Restoration became a celebration of pleasure, intrigue, and seduction. Dances became flirtier, letters became dirtier, and the newly reopened theatres became the backdrop for an age of promiscuous identity. An age that would bear the most dangerous and exciting of plays: the sex comedy.

Rondeau: A Beauty Masked desecrates, masticates, and recreates Restoration Comedy. A familiar dance begins. The famed courtesan Angellica Bianca falls in love with the cocky Willmore. They have been here before. Willmore cannot control his desires. The partners switch. New players dance the same dance. Each hides behind a new mask. Someone’s heart breaks. Someone takes what is not theirs. And still the shadow of Oliver Cromwell looms on high, casting over them the wrath of an angry God.