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C. Bain and collaborators. Creature-creators at the edge of the world

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Featured Poetry and/or Storytelling Sets –

C. has been performing his own writing since the late 1990s. His poetry engages with the body as the site of truth, pleasure, betrayal and shame. C.’s courage in sharing his own narrative, and expanding into imagined worlds, erases the false duality of political and the personal.

Writing and Performance Workshops –

As a teaching artist with over 10 years of experience, C. is prepared to bring poetry as a tool of empowerment into any space. He has worked with youth as well as adults, and tailored his curricula to fit academic spaces, poetry slams, and harm-reduction outreach programs in New York City. He also has formal theatrical performance training, and loves helping writers bring their work into their bodies.

Lectures and Panels –

As an academic, a writer, a non-passing trans person, an embodied performer, a queer feminist, and a social worker, C. has a wide breadth of experience and knowledge relevant to queer/ gender/ sexuality studies, literature, performing arts, and social justice. 


online class descriptions

·      Silence & voice. This is my introductory class, looking at writers and poems that feel like cornerstones of the building where I make my own work. There is discussion of what the poem and the poet are, what the work means, what it wants, and where it sits in the world. This class is a little everything.


·      Forms in our time. Formal verse can feel intimidating, or irredeemably dry. This class demystifies a sequence of poetic forms, and shows how they can serve as frames and bolsters of poems that are still real, still you, still urgent.


·      Catacombs- sex and the body. Putting bodies into language can be tricky business. This class explores sexuality, mortality, and how the body can serve us as writers and thinkers.


·       Not A Luxury. The political and the personal are not actually separate spheres. Some of the cleanest illustrations of that truth are poems. This unit explores socially conscious poetry, seeking the unlikely, the individual, the vulnerable.


These classes involve: weekly Skype or Facetime sessions, additional email prompts during the course, and feedback on your poems. They are designed to run for 4 weeks, but i can adjust that pace you your schedule. These are offered on a sliding scale, generally in the $250-400 range.

These workshops, or stand-alone parts of them, can be offered at your school or reading series, or to any other group. I am also available for single sessions of editing/feedback on manuscripts, and for coaching on performance/embodiment.

I believe this work should be available to everyone, so if you feel called, but there is an obstacle, please reach out. Payment plans are available.


C. reminds us in his work & his own teachings that the path to bravery is not an easy one, but it is a path nonetheless, & therefore, can be traveled-- bravery is an environment. Corrina shows you the environment, its ins and outs, its hills and curves, but never the shortcuts; that isn't what we are here for. I'm forever thankful to Corrina for showing me how to walk through every inch of my bravery & to write toward the areas of bravery which are still undiscovered.

- Sean DesVignes

It’s not just that C. Bain is extremely well and broadly read, or that his enthusiasm for literature and the learning process of the writers he works with is nearly unparalleled (though both these things are true). Corrina stands out to me as an editor and educator I trust more than just about anyone in the world because of his steadfast commitment to advocating for what’s best for the work and the artist creating it. I know I can count on Corrina to listen with painstaking and deliberate care, and that his prompts and (supportive) critiques will challenge me to reach for better than I had imagined possible.

- Tatyana Brown

What I loved best about working with C Bain is that he never pushed his own agenda on anyone's work. He didn't look at a poem and wonder how he could make it more into something he liked, as many professors do. Instead, he dusted all the bullshit, all the walls, all the cobwebs off of the poem itself to best reveal the author. A fine teacher, I have no doubt that mentorship from Bain will make stronger writers and therefore stronger poetry communities altogether.

-Megan Falley